#1086 Rose and Crown, Wadsley Common

26th March 2018

A “technical” hash? Or a Charlie special? Or simply an object lesson in route setting? However you want to describe it, the hash on 26th March from the Rose and Crown at Wadsley Common was a belter! For those who have never been to it this gem of a public house the R & C is a real country boozer set on at the top end of the Wisewood estate and conveniently at the end of a footpath leading straight onto the Common.

For the first time this year the hash set off in daylight, always a significant marker. Twelve (initially) of us in convoy following the frequently applied blobs soon reached the open spaces above Loxley Valley. Thereafter we were treated to an intrigue of trails, back-to-checks and “falsies” that weaved itself in and out of the trees and lanes of the Common. Can you have a figure of sixteen? Or is two times figure of eights? Just the odd sniff of mud to strengthen the sinews, but mostly dry paths to follow, and the occasional view of the lights of Sheffield to puzzle us. Round the greens and fairways of Hillsborough golf course and back into the woods.
A 'technical' hash or a Charlie special??
Thanks to the kids in the car park for sharing the aroma of their wacky baccie with us. And thanks too to Caroline for explaining to me at that point that dogging had nothing to do with our canine friends. Eventually, Hannah (is it still Bam Bam or have we moved on again?) and Chris came whizzing through having given us their conventional half hour head start.  Mincer and the Prof became detached from the end of the group when, in a commendable burst of law abiding behaviour, they declined to follow Charlie’s route down a private lane.

Then, when some of us were expecting hash treats at any moment, there we were back at the pub. Make mine a pint of Piddle and a packet of crisps!

On on, Capt Morgan.

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