Christmas Hash

The hash committee has unanimously decided that the Christmas hash will be on 13th December. 

The fancy dress theme is Pantomime (oh, no it isn't etc....). So get planning your outfit!

Start venue (Sheffield centre-ish) and curry location TBC

Hash Winter Training Camp (Lite)

The rigorous hash training regime continues with a slimmed down pub crawl winter training camp (featuring no actual camping).

Our intrepid hare, Prof, will be laying a hilly 12km route from Castleton to Hope on 13th November including (we hope) a watering hole or two.

Watch this space for further details!

November 2021

1228. 1st November - Shunter
1229. 8th November - Sticky Shaft
1230. 13th November - Hash Winter Training Camp (Lite)
1231. 15th November - Vibrator
1232. 22nd November - Monty's Batman 
1233. 29th November - Desperado

October 2021

1224. 4th October - Trunks, Three Merry Lads, Lodge Moor
1225. 11th October - Smittie, Rising Sun, Nether Green, S10 3QA
1226. 18th October - Fishbait/Pingu, Sir William, Grindleford, S32 2HS
1227. 25th October - Uglyman, The George Hotel, Youlgreave

September 2021

It's that time again - remember your headtorch!!

1220. 6th September - Captain Morgan, Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Ashopton road, Bamford
1221. 13th September - Monty's Batman, Royal Oak Millthorpe
1222. 20th September - Crystal Tips and Copper Job, Fox House, Longshaw
1223. 27th September - Trunks; The Plough, Hathersage

Bears of Sheffield Hash

First it was the elephants in the Herd of Sheffield. Now it's the turn of the bears! Come along for an urban hash with a twist.

Starting from the Sheffield Tap at the railway station, you'll visit 25 bears, and at each one you have to collect a clue which should lead to two answers. Note that you'll have to visit the bears in the correct order, so no short-cutting!

The route is a little over 6km and should be easy to follow, and plenty of time to get the last train home.

You can download and print out your "quiz sheet" before hand, but I will also try to bring some along to the start. And you'll need a pen or pencil as well to fill in your answer sheets.

Download your quiz sheet here (note that each sheet contains two complete copies).

On On,


August 2021

1216. 2nd August - Mincer, Bear Hash, Sheffield Tap
1217. 9th August - Spiv, Porter Cottage, Hunters Bar
1218. 16th August - Sticky Shaft, Red Lion, Litton  
- Last minute Venue Change
1219. 23th August - Mincer, Old Hall, Hope
          30th August - Bank Holiday

# 1211 Little Longstone , Sticky Shaft

The Magnificent 7

There is a rule of thumb in hashing that a series of checks with no flour between is indicative of either a live hare in a panic or one who is lost. Add in a series of conflicting arrows leading into a field of adolescent cattle and long stretches of tarmac and you have a recipe for revolt. It had started so well with a delightful charge to Chertpit Lane, behind the pub and up through colourful meadowland. It was over the top to Rolley Low where contact was lost with Desperate Banana and Shunter and we had said encounter with cows whilst we tried to figure out the trail. Anywhere but down the main road might have sold it but just as we were tempted to backtrack up onto Longstone Moor came the unwelcome return of the lost trailfinders with bad news.

Triangulating the meadowland by several roads we departed briefly for a foray through magnificent lead rakes, the skylarks were trilling and all was forgiven until we hit the road again heading towards White Rake with the aptly named Foolow visible in the distance. As it turned out we were the fools as, wherever it was, the trail wasn't down the road. Mincer and scribe were reminded of the time his, newly introduced to the hash with a run in these parts, friends lost contact with the pack which led to them being brought back from Wardlow to Longstone by a farmer. Strangely, we never saw them again.

Road respite came with a skirting of old settling ponds and warnings of quicksand; perfect hash territory, with or without flour. Owls were hooting and hawks were circulating menacingly. In the distance a farmer could be heard practicing for sheepdog trials with a unique call of  "come here you bastard." It was all shaping up nicely, then Mincer went off on one, the farmer turned up in his Ute and we had to ask him to use his undoubted communication skills to call him back. 

All reunited and agreed that mutiny was  the order of the day in spite of the fact that we had no trail to depart from. Thus we charged up High Rake and back down the moorland road towards Great Longstone. At some point on the road flour appeared as if by magic. Your scribe stopped to check a message from the hare to advise that the pub was shut and lost touch with the pack. That is how he found the true trail back through Dale Farm, through fields and to the Hash Home near the replica stocks and became the only one to complete the trail. Other actors, including Donkey's Ass and Crystal Tips may disagree but this assertion was verified by Trunks. 

Top landscape, just a pity we lost the trail. Thanks to Sticky Shaft and his family for keeping us going at a time when we were all hoping to be back in the boozer at last. O

On On, Smittie