May 2018 runs

          7th May - Bank holiday
1091. 14th May - Sticky Shaft, The Grouse, Froggat
1092. 21st May - Uglyman, Duke William, Matlock
          28th May - Bank Holiday

#1088 The Cow & Calf, Grenoside

16th April 2018

A light night start in Grenoside! Approx. 20 of us  (there was talk of proper head counts being implemented), including the new to SH3 hasher ‘Eh Up’, headed out from the Cow and Calf. There were a couple of guilty pleas to charges of Fair-weather Hashing and then we were off.  Shunter suspiciously knew the direction and Chaz had already worked out his mutinous route.

Being more used to rural trails, the 3rd check at the end of the snicket / ginnel / passage way left us in the middle of some houses and predictably foxed,  Smittie was seen running in circles before we all headed toward the woods.  Mincer confidently led the charge into the woods before we stood around for 10 more mintues of second guessing, prompting an appearance by Skid Marks and a change of attire for Captain Morgan.

A steady incline led to a steady decline, over a bridge into a much complained about boggy field, before eventually climbing up the hill to the HR. A tragedy of timing meant that we missed Captain Morgan falling off the rope swing but many of us were salivating at the thought of Shunter doing the same when he tied a dodgy knot and re established said swing - I shot some video just in case.

Great snacks were enjoyed then off we set…in the wrong direction. A U-turn led us in to a field where we experienced incredulous looks from a group of local horses.  Head torches started to shine at this point.

There followed a trot through the woods, a right hand turn and spectacular view of a dusky Sheffield, we veered left into a residential area - not our strong area for navigating - I for one thought it was all over at this point.  Anyway we made it through with the help of Desperado’s erroneous ‘I can see the pub from here’ predictions.

The usual joy experienced upon seeing H.H. was replaced by questions, ‘it’s a bit far out isn’t it?’ until we realized that despite our experience, gadgetry and multiple differing opinions we really were close to home. At this point it has to be said that I was 'blind scribed' as the group split in two and I arrived back at the pub in the lead group,  was I really a front runner or just a plain old short cutter?  - history will decide.  If anyone can fill in what happened next it would be appreciated.

A well organised Spiv greeted us in the pub, complete with maps and a meeting agenda, questions were subject to a queuing system and Fast Eddy waited patiently to ask where the loo was. Spiv accepted congratulations for what was a truly great hash then stepped into a meeting about the Hill 60 event.

On on,
Sticky Shaft

April 2018 runs

          2nd Apr - Bank holiday
1087. 9th Apr - Smittie, Bowling Green Inn, Bradwell
1088. 16th Apr - Spiv, The Cow and Calf, Grenoside
1089. 23rd Apr - Trunks, The George and Dragon, Wentworth
1090. 30th Apr - Donkey's Ass, The Blake Hotel, Walkley. Bring hash cash for a beer stop!

#1086 Rose and Crown, Wadsley Common

26th March 2018

A “technical” hash? Or a Charlie special? Or simply an object lesson in route setting? However you want to describe it, the hash on 26th March from the Rose and Crown at Wadsley Common was a belter! For those who have never been to it this gem of a public house the R & C is a real country boozer set on at the top end of the Wisewood estate and conveniently at the end of a footpath leading straight onto the Common.

For the first time this year the hash set off in daylight, always a significant marker. Twelve (initially) of us in convoy following the frequently applied blobs soon reached the open spaces above Loxley Valley. Thereafter we were treated to an intrigue of trails, back-to-checks and “falsies” that weaved itself in and out of the trees and lanes of the Common. Can you have a figure of sixteen? Or is two times figure of eights? Just the odd sniff of mud to strengthen the sinews, but mostly dry paths to follow, and the occasional view of the lights of Sheffield to puzzle us. Round the greens and fairways of Hillsborough golf course and back into the woods.
A 'technical' hash or a Charlie special??
Thanks to the kids in the car park for sharing the aroma of their wacky baccie with us. And thanks too to Caroline for explaining to me at that point that dogging had nothing to do with our canine friends. Eventually, Hannah (is it still Bam Bam or have we moved on again?) and Chris came whizzing through having given us their conventional half hour head start.  Mincer and the Prof became detached from the end of the group when, in a commendable burst of law abiding behaviour, they declined to follow Charlie’s route down a private lane.

Then, when some of us were expecting hash treats at any moment, there we were back at the pub. Make mine a pint of Piddle and a packet of crisps!

On on, Capt Morgan.

#1085 Red Lion, Litton

19th March 2018

Dire warnings about imminent freezing over of the already treacherous ground conditions were ignored as our troopers converged on this excellent venue. Derbyshire was well represented, with the girls outnumbering the boys as we plodded warily in the direction of Tideswell through mountainous snowdrifts. It was clear that the icepicks and crampons with which we were all well equipped would soon be put to purpose. The more so as an abrupt change in direction by the stand-in hare, Chris, brought us foot to foot with a drift-blocked path before hooking us back round a circuit of the village and off in the general direction of Miller’s Dale.
A well earned rest
It soon became apparent that the main feature of the ground conditions was not snow and ice but  turds spread by the local farmer to sweeten pasture. A clearly confused hare resorted to lots of pointy arrows to overcome his navigational errors and a tantalising glimpse of light was spotted in Ravensdale. Alas by the time we had been Loose Shunted into a siding he’d made good his escape.
Cressbrook provided amusement with a sharp fall down to the road, amply captured by our camera team, at which point  the ice picks were found to be redundant and we all wished for Trunks’ waterproof socks as we plodged through mud along Cressbrookdale and up t’other side of Ravensdale. Capt. Colon celebrated reaching the summit by surfing a half pipe of snow and we were jolly grateful to descend in one piece to the valley floor. Here was found a First Class Buffet of a HR with only the best china and teapot missing. Crystal Tips and Steamy Knickers  were seen sharing the leftovers as we waded through the crystal clear waters and struggled up some old snow-filled Lead Rake and back to the pub.
First class HR - Scones with jam and cream!
Here it was that we were asked if one Tony Middleton was with us? When we remembered who Trunks was thoughts turned to Wetton. Perhaps Staffordshire Constabulary had crossed the border with a warrant out for him? Happily it was only some tired and emotional local who had worked down t’pit with him for 40 years.
On On, Smittie

#1084 George Hotel, Youlgreave

12th March 2018

Would anyone turn up? Even the Grouse hadn’t bothered to open its doors after a day of solid rain. But the lights were on at The George, a roomful of locals was busily engaged in a pub games night and we were into double figures before we ventured out into the dark.

Shunter had been enjoying a sly half when Ugly turned up to draw his circle but manfully went out on a spying mission and discovered the general direction of travel. So it was your scribe who was first across the packhorse bridge over the River Bradford. Plenty of time to establish that this was a very full river. Of course the trail took us back into the village through the raging torrent. Late arrival, Capt. Morgan wisely headed back to the pub rather than plough his own furrow through this lot.

Braving the waters

The rest of us were off past the old Mawstone Mine in the direction of Elton with only the odd swamped field to hold us back. Indeed the first sign of panic from the hare was a hasty Hash Rest on the first serious hill.

The second HR informed us that the local quarry produced millstones for the paper mills of Sweden and that the trough in which Trunks was washing his boots was Elton’s water supply. Then it was with a sharp change of direction that we plunged back on ourselves. In the case of Monty’s Batman this was literal but somehow no one else bit the mud as we slithered our way down to Dale End, although Capt. Colon’s dog got stuck in a narrow stile.

Wisely avoiding the scenic route via the former Hash Camp site at Hopping Farm the trail then struck out towards Middleton with the warm lights of Youlgreave blinking tantalisingly in the receding distance. There was just the piercing scream of the Gabriel Hound of Weaddow Lane to divert us from our task as we found the On Home, down in Bradford Dale, clearly signalling that Ugly had not brought enough flour, again.

Back in the pub it was dominoes, as if nothing had happened.

On On, Smittie

March 2018 runs

1083. 5th Mar - Soggy Bottom & Search and Rescue, The Cobden View, Crookes
1084. 12th Mar - Uglyman, The George Hotel, Youlgreave
1085. 19th Mar - Bam Bam, Red Lion, Litton
1086. 26th Mar - Capt Colon, Rose and Crown, Wadsley Common

February 2018 runs

1079. 5th Feb - Lunchbox, The Peacock, Owler Bar
1080. 12th Feb - Shunter, Castle Inn, Bradway
1081. 19th Feb - White Rabbit, Old Horns Inn, High Bradfield
1082. 26th Feb - Crystal Tips, Scotsman's Pack, Hathersage

January 2018 runs

Happy New Year!!!

1074. 8th Jan - Desperado, Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow
1075. 15th Jan - Shunter, Guzzle Pub, Woodseats
1076. 22nd Jan - Prof, Old Hall Hotel, Hope
1078. 29th Jan - Sticky Shaft, Ladybower Inn, Ladybower