April 2021

 As the rules relax on outdoors sports we are back 'on on' with the usual social distancing and appropriate groupings.

Hares needed - with most of the diary being unclaimed at this stage volunteers to lay the trail are appreciated, contact Fast Eddie on whatsapp or comment below.

1201. 5th April - Pingu & Fishbait, layby at The Grouse, Froggatt
1202. 12th April- Trunks, Hollin Bank / Stanage Planation Car Park
1203. 19th April - Shunter, TBC
1204. 26th April - ?

September 2020

1187. 7th September - Shunter, Cutthroat Bridge layby, A57

*Update* 14/09/20
To safeguard compliance with the spirit of the 'rule of six' we are not inviting guest runners and have suspended normal hashing. See WhatsApp for further info. On on.

#1184 Redmires Car park, Monty's Batman

The one without the flour

Feeling liberated by not being confined to a pub we found ourselves at Redmires car park, the rural playground of S10 dog walkers, ‘the enabler’ that allows us to say we live on the edge of the Peak district.  Indeed there were S10 ers, S8 ers possibly S11 and S6 ers and some genuine Peakies (Hathersage & Grindleford).


The Apprentice had grown by at least a foot since his last hash and had acquired a hash hound, a lovely working gun dog, who proved to be more party than business and enjoyed running this way and that down the many false, undetected and none existent trails.


Introductions made and we were on on from ‘Ocean View’  ….really in Sheffield?... and more importantly can we add this to the description of our S10 dwellings?  We passed Hill 60, the scene of a previous hash shindig and eventually onto a bridleway. I will not labour this point too much but we were in small groups, socially distancing and running on public bridleways but were not particular welcomed by walkers and indeed advised to give our activities some thought, back at ya I thought!


What followed was the traditional 10 minute stand still, followed by the biggest back to check ever witnessed both in terms of length and number of hashers duped, in the true spirit of her name Search and Rescue put out location beacons for the latecomers and the lost ensuring we were all present and correct.

Fast Eddie announced he was still in the car park at this point and managed to join us by the time we reached the road. By majority vote rather than an actual trail we found ourselves heading past the middle reservoir at Redmires and up to the plantation. Hashers started to scatter here, there and everywhere; the dam wall, the other dam wall, towards the farm and etc.  We eventually found ourselves (most of us at least ) on Sloughley lane.  Fish Bait had wandered down the footpath towards lodgemoor but Soggy B was having none of it and directed us across the farmers field tover Brownhill’s lane and up the hill, which was considered the least mutinous route.


Despite calls of on on, we knew where we were heading and soon cut back onto the south side of the reservoirs for an easy run in.  It has to be noted there were an awful lot of couples taking romantic strolls round the reservoirs – next time I take the Mrs out I know where I’ll be headed, show her the old prisoner of war camp in the plantation.


As we reached the road our 3rd Hash back was coming to an end,  MBM was in the car park presumably just about to lay the rest of the trail.  The mozzies were out in force so we took our chances with the late night boy racers and stood by the road, drinks were cracked open, mozzy repellent was sprayed, questions were asked of the Hare, we were well and truly back!


On on,


Sticky Shaft

#1182 Fairholmes, Ladybower Reservoir; Sticky Shaft and leverets

The longest hash rest in our history ended with a spiritually uplifting coincidental gathering of socially distant runners; miles from anyone other than the usual drug runners and hopeless police patrols. All told we could have assembled a football team including two subs, if you include the hare and his two kids, but we only knew that as we finished. There was also a guest in the form of Shunter’s sister Lucy [who cheerfully introduced herself to me as Shunter's brother! - Ed.] who looked considerably fitter than the rest of us, in the absence of Uglyman. ”Eurostar” perhaps?

A social distancing masterclass...

Apart from the venue there was nothing unusual about this hash which, after a brief flirtation with the lakeside, soon had us scampering up  Hagg Side to reveal expansive views of usual haunts from entirely new angles. But it soon became clear that it wasn’t only the hounds who were a bit rusty and the hare was leaving a few falsies with no endings. This almost led some to a flirtation with Snake Pass but after a familiar return of the complete ten minute standstill we were off up Rowlee Pastures and the summit. Again the frontrunners were seen scampering off in the general direction of Huddersfield whilst wiser heads admired the sunset and dreamed of whatever substance was left in their car boots.  And so it came to pass that we returned whence we had come to find the walking wounded Spiv and the Hare grinning like a Cheshire Cat (as it turned out, because Rotherham United had won promotion and nothing to do with his supreme efforts at setting this inaugural new normal hash). Not forgetting the large, Johnson would not approve, bag of assorted crisps; oh, and the hash diary which, in keeping with some form of continuity, did not turn up. 

Grim up north

Top way to restart with a gentle 9.5 k’er .

On, On


We're back! August 2020

We're back, following social distancing guidelines and, for now, not meeting at pubs. Bring a bevy for afterwards if you wish. On on!

1182. 27th July - Sticky Shaft and double dots Dora and Laura, Ladybower/Fairholmes
1183. 3rd August - Pingu and Fishbait, Sir William Hill, Grindleford
1184. 10th August - Monty's Batman, Redmires, Lodgemoor
1185. 17th August - Prof, B6001 playing fields, Hathersage
1186. 24th August - Sticky Shaft, Langsett Barn car park, Langsett Reservoir
31st August - bank holiday

Hash Rest

It's time for a Hash Rest
It is with genuine sadness that I write this, but to care well for one another in these troubled times we must follow the government's advice in practicing social distancing and avoiding group gatherings. While many of us would consider the hash 'essential contact', we must take that much valued camaraderie online to protect our vulnerable members and the vulnerable in society. It is no longer about us, it is about others. 

For further explanation please see this video.

Please bring your optimism, banter, support and laughter onto WhatsApp and keep in touch until we can hash together again. (Get in touch if you're not in the group and want to be).

Looking forward to the party when we return. Stay safe folks.
On and on and on....
Fast Eddie

March 2020

1179. 2nd March - Soggy B and The Apprentice. Nags head, Loxley.
1180. 9th March - Labradoodle, The Plough, Low Bradfield
1181. 16th March - Shunter, The British Oak, Mosborough

#1181, The British Oak, Shunter

The one for the few not the many.

Spring is in the air, temperature rising and flowers blooming, what better than to go out hashing at least that’s what eight of us thought, the pub disagreed, but we braved it anyway and headed south to The British Oak.  Shunter (him again??) had set the trail and took us to Mosborough for the latest instalment.

The pack which consisted of Trunks, C'ptain M, Soggy and The Aprentice had already set off by the time Fast Eddie, Desperado and myself arrived.  We were greeted by Spiv in the Car Park who had decided to show support by doing a solo hobble. We soon caught the pack who were puzzled by a check with seemingly no trail attached.  Of course our fine young checker ‘The Apprentice’ helped us out and showed us the way passed the school and through the housing estate.

Spiv decided to concentrate on his National Geographic
Photo Competition entry this evening
Another checking puzzle presented and solved itself, a speeding Mercedes was also headed up the same path and rushed passed us, I thought only BMW drivers had the monopoly on driving like door knobs??, it was then on on for a while down the lane.  

One of the main topics of conversation was how many events we would have to run in September due to the number of postponements, there’ll be some tired legs in Autumn!  Parkrun everyday for a month?? Desperado, not so fresh off the Grindleford Gallop and suffering from a recent bout of nobbly bobbly knees, was feeling the burn and in desperate need of Jelly babies to perk himself up – good effort for coming out to play!

With the lane at an end we hooked a left towards the woods, this eventually took us across a stream and led to a long ascent, there were cries of ‘familiarity’ amongst some of the group who felt they had hashed this way before.  I reckon I got three or four checks in a row correct during this ascent, which was doubly impressive as I think it’s the first time I ‘ve done checking three or four times in a row…and still the climb continued.

Part of the trail - at time of setting
We finally entered a field where lived a few horses, the owner was out tending to them, so all would be well or so we thought. About halfway through the crossing the equestrian asked a)  what we were doing and b) if we thought it was a good idea to scare her horses like that. We explained ourselves and her initial self-described grumpiness mutated, from suspicion to curiosity to concern to genuine worry for our wellbeing;

‘Are you poisoning horses? What are you doing then? Running out here?  Every week…out here??  Different pubs, have you been drinking??  Are you lost? How will you find the route??  Are you sure you’ll find your way back? You be on your way now; I’ll be backing off slowly…

I think we convinced her of our honourable intentions, she even tried to predict the route for us.  No need we said, someone has already laid a trail, ‘What out here?  With what, flour?  Are you Poisoning horses?  and so it went on…

We continued down the lane until we hit the road, a bit of checking went on then we were on on along the road and back into the woods, where treats awaited us.  The finder got a prize of an individual bog roll (topical) and the rest of us got to share the Jelly Babies and Meal Worms….yes meal worms, some were more enthusiastic than others, Captain Morgan gorged himself so much that he even gave away the last Jelly Baby. It was then on on down then up towards Plumbleywood Lane.

Mange Tout Rodders

At this point the Apprentice committed his first act of mutiny and took three with him, Soggy, Sticky and the C’ptain.  A wise act it would seem as we got back to the car park before the others.  We were greeted by Shunter who was very apologetic about the pub being closed, not your fault, simply a sign of the times.

With all runners back we discussed the possibility of a run next week. With a hare and at least two runners committed minimum quorum was met, just need to find a publess car park now.

On On Sticky Shaft

….phew just over 700 words without mentioning Coronavirus…oops!

Late entry for the National Geographic Photo comp