Hash 1118 - 3rd December - Monty’s Batman - The Anglers Rest, Bamford

A Hash favourite; ‘The Anglers Rest” was the start point of choice this week.  Monty and his trusty sidekick ‘Batman’ had set this week’s trail to who knows where….

A blasé approach was taken towards head counting, possibly due to the Percy Pudders being too eager to show off their luminous hats.  In any case I reckon we numbered 12 at the start and 16 at the end, so an average of 14….

There were local rumours that the trail had been set days before, this was backed up by witness accounts, so off we set in the direction of said rumours.

A cleverly devised ploy to get none Percy Pudders to do all of the checking was soon forgotten as enthusiasm kicked in and we swarmed the streets of Bamford looking for the trail.  We did a right then a left which took us to that lovely section of the Derwent which I always forget to go and visit in summer and daylight.

We then traversed the field towards Thornhill trail, we had seen this before somewhere…could it be that Monty’s Batman had simply lifted an earlier trail set by S & R and Soggy B? (note to self visit Thornhill trail on the bike,  in daylight, one day)  A deceiving check did suggest that we were indeed going to repeat a recently done trail….Hash Piracy!

But no, he tricked us and took us to the reservoir wall and across where we were greeted by another check, there were some complaints that the check was not positioned centrally on the stone circle onto which it had been placed…trail setting standards are high! By this point we had gained hashers, notably Uglyman who seemed to appear from another run off Win Hill.

Just as we were preparing for the climb up to Bamford edge, "On On" was called from the track down to Lydgate lane, from there we followed the lane round to have a practice ascent of the hill which features in the Hurtle. As we were crossing the road a car beeped us, no doubt in appreciation of Uglyman’s bare legs.

A gap in the hedge allowed us to trespass start the ascent of Bamford edge, at which point the hare revealed, by whatsapp, that he had left crucial navigational equipment somewhere on trail….how very lapse!  This was soon spotted by Big Daddy’s daughter, under a tree, with a light and more importantly with the hash treats.  Jealously over the deliciousness of the snacks soon turned to scorn and comments such as, ‘his wife’s made this’, particularly amongst those of us who buy pre-made, pre-packed snacks!

At this point Spiv turned up and it was discovered that he had been the beeper in the car.

Post snacks we did a bit of star gazing on what was a beautiful, clear crisp evening, the odd shooting star was spotted, wishes were no doubt made. There followed a scenic run across the top of the edge (note to self: visit that sticky out, slabby type rock in daylight) and we soon reached the descent.
The steep climb to Bamford Edge
A check took us off New Road to what could only be described as the signature section of the Hash….or not.  A slippy steep concrete path took us HH bound, most people opted to proceed with care and still slipped, Prof decided to leg it all the way down and came out miraculously unscathed.

A quick right at the end took us back to the pub car park, a quick change into our dancing shoes and we were pub bound.  Our Hare and Monty were sat there looking relatively famished given that the pub was not serving dinner, fortunately a knowledgeable local could advise on which crisps were most calorific….chatter to quickly turned to who was wearing what on the Christmas Hash…..

Great Hash, Great Conditions, Great Snacks!

On On,

Sticky Shaft

PS It was later discovered that his wife had indeed made the Hash Snacks and jealousy continued to persist.

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