#1088 The Cow & Calf, Grenoside

16th April 2018

A light night start in Grenoside! Approx. 20 of us  (there was talk of proper head counts being implemented), including the new to SH3 hasher ‘Eh Up’, headed out from the Cow and Calf. There were a couple of guilty pleas to charges of Fair-weather Hashing and then we were off.  Shunter suspiciously knew the direction and Chaz had already worked out his mutinous route.

Being more used to rural trails, the 3rd check at the end of the snicket / ginnel / passage way left us in the middle of some houses and predictably foxed,  Smittie was seen running in circles before we all headed toward the woods.  Mincer confidently led the charge into the woods before we stood around for 10 more mintues of second guessing, prompting an appearance by Skid Marks and a change of attire for Captain Morgan.

A steady incline led to a steady decline, over a bridge into a much complained about boggy field, before eventually climbing up the hill to the HR. A tragedy of timing meant that we missed Captain Morgan falling off the rope swing but many of us were salivating at the thought of Shunter doing the same when he tied a dodgy knot and re established said swing - I shot some video just in case.

Great snacks were enjoyed then off we set…in the wrong direction. A U-turn led us in to a field where we experienced incredulous looks from a group of local horses.  Head torches started to shine at this point.

There followed a trot through the woods, a right hand turn and spectacular view of a dusky Sheffield, we veered left into a residential area - not our strong area for navigating - I for one thought it was all over at this point.  Anyway we made it through with the help of Desperado’s erroneous ‘I can see the pub from here’ predictions.

The usual joy experienced upon seeing H.H. was replaced by questions, ‘it’s a bit far out isn’t it?’ until we realized that despite our experience, gadgetry and multiple differing opinions we really were close to home. At this point it has to be said that I was 'blind scribed' as the group split in two and I arrived back at the pub in the lead group,  was I really a front runner or just a plain old short cutter?  - history will decide.  If anyone can fill in what happened next it would be appreciated.

A well organised Spiv greeted us in the pub, complete with maps and a meeting agenda, questions were subject to a queuing system and Fast Eddy waited patiently to ask where the loo was. Spiv accepted congratulations for what was a truly great hash then stepped into a meeting about the Hill 60 event.

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